Howdy Pards! 

We know that y'all have questions in regards to our products, here are some general questions asked over time:

  • What type of wood do you use? - The Hat Rack Guy uses real Pine and birch. Strong enough to hold your heaviest gear, yet light enough to ship and hang. Wood is purchased from local hardware stores instead of a Big Box.
  • Are those real Horseshoes? - The Hat Rack Guy uses real Horseshoes or Pony shoes for the different purposes. None of those easily breakable cast iron or ceramic.
  • Are those real Horseshoe nails? - Yes they are, what else would you use on Horseshoes? LOL
  •  Are those real Shotgun Shells? - Yes, The Hat Rack Guy tries to help the environment by gathering up shells where people shoot at and leave their empty hulls behind. We only buy when necessary.
  • How do the Hanging Systems work? - The Hat Rack Guy uses Real Rope and Barb Wire. Since using the actual items, hanging strength is not a concern, you only need to choose which one to fit your ranch decor.